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The wide range of dental services helps the full rehab of the digestive apparatus. The realisation of this objective consists of important conditions: qualification and experience of every individual dentist, technical conditions, constant improvement of abilities, and taking under account every individual preferences of each patient. We are up-to-date with every new trend in the dental world and stick to well-tried methods.

  • A fundamental moment in our work is prophylaxis, because of its prevention of any disease even before it has started. 
  • Tooth Decay Treatment – treatment of tooth decay with polymers, chimiopolymers, glass ionomers and other latest technologies.  
  • Endodonthosis – therapy of tooth decay – pulpit, granuloma, abscess, cyst, building and treating severely damaged teeth. This is extremely important part of dental treatment, because often diseases remain unnoticeable for the patient but consequences are often the worst for the organism.  
  • Parodontology is taking care primarily of gums – Gingivitis. Crucial part here is removing calculus by ultrasound and recovering of the tissue surrounding every tooth by expert parodontologist.  
  • Dental prosthesis is used to restore damaged or missing teeth. Treatments with crowns, bridges and dentures. Most commons are metal-ceramic. There is new dentures which use holding mechanism.  
  • Dental surgery has many processes which deal with emergency situations. The conservative part of surgery only deals with preserving already damaged teeth. Other latest part is implantology which consists of placing implants. This method often can help immensely in retaining parts around damaged teeth and even prevent using prosthesis. 
  • Prophylactic process is the process of systematic check-ups which the dentist sets to monitor. Part of this process are routine check-ups on 3/6/12 months.