Vedra Dental
24-hour Holistic Clinic

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Ведра Дентал


Twenty-four-hours dental holistic clinic “Vedra Dental” is located in city of Sofia, Ohrid 21 str. – building at the corner with Strandzha str. Entrance is on Strandzha str.

The clinic has dental equipment, required for full and complete modern treatment, at its disposal. Dental units are mounted with periphery, completely equipped with internal light. The facility is proud of its relationships with staff and comfortable waiting room.

These are our dental offices where treatment is performed while relaxing music is playing in the background. There is free Wi-Fi on the clinic”s territory including a display in the waiting room. The team works with high-quality dental counter-angles.:

  • Turbines with lightning – Siemens, W&H
  • Elevating contra-angles with lightning (for precise removal of tooth decay and especially for filing down of ceramic and zircon crowns) – modern instrument, combining the speed of the turbine with the precision of the reverse counter-angles – NSK
  • Reverse contra-angles with lightning – W&H
  • Standard contra-angle – W&H
  • Electric and air micro motors with lightning – BienAir

We are quipped with:

  • Digital X-ray with phosphoric plate – ProX® by Planmeca (Finland), leader in dental diagnostics – unique x-ray with extremely sharp picture and zero radiation
  • LASER – laser diode by LiteMedics® for soft tissue surgery, Teeth whitening and Bio stimulation(Physiotherapy)
  • Teeth whitening – ZOOM!
  • Endodontics motor for precise mechanical treatment of root canals in root treatment with apex locator
  • Intra oral digital camera
  • Teeth cleaning with ultrasound with lightning – Woodpecker
  • Photopolymer lamp – integrated in unit
  • Vitality measuring instrument – Optical Laser
  • Apex locator device – mandatory for accurate assessment of length for every root treatment of pulpit and granuloma – Oviron Electronics.
  • Autoclave latest model,which ensures your safety, sterilization of our instrumentarium. This comes with a set of disinfectants for all surfaces.

    Оro Сlean Сhemie OCC- Switzerland,standard of quality in dentistry.