Vedra Dental
24-hour Holistic Clinic

Smile with confidence!

Ведра Дентал


Our team in Vedra Dental – twenty-four-hour dental facility, is responsible for the confident smiles of our patients because:

  • we preach the philosophy of newly popular Holistic medicine and dentistry – our moto is “Minimal intervention with maximum result!”
  • our dental materials are selected from the best products of “Reality” – the standard of quality in the world.

Twenty-four-hour Dental Clinic “Vedra Dental ” is located in Sofia city, Ohrid 21 str., at the corner with Strandzha str. Entrance is at Strandzha str. .

Dental equipment, necessary for the full and complete dental treatment.

Tooth and Parodont

The digestive system consists of teeth and parodont, bones joints (two temporomandibular joints which hold the lower jaw), digestive muscles. Teeth and parodont get infected

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