Vedra Dental
24-hour Holistic Clinic

Smile with confidence!

Ведра Дентал

Our Golden ratio

We at Vedra Dental- 24h Holistic Dental Facility are making sure Our patients always smile with confidence because:

  • our on duty dentists work twenty-four-hours so they can be able to respond to Your dental pain (tooth decay, pulpit, granuloma, wisdom teeth, gum or periodontal pockets ) and your special cases (24h) – broken teeth, swollen areas, injures, high temperatures, disrupted nutrition or maxillofacial aesthetics, in our equipped and 24h Dental Office
  • our prices and costs of dental treatments are according to published by the Bulgarian Dental Union
  • we offer teeth scans without radiation and precise accuracy produced by latest dental X-ray ProX® with phosphorus plate by Finnish company Planmeca + scanning device VistaScan® by Dürr Dental
  • We work with laser diode by LiteMedics® for soft tissue surgery. Teeth whitening and Bio stimulation (Physiotherapy)
  • we are located in Dental Clinic at 21 Ohrid str., at the corner of Strandzha str., Sofia city
  • our dental materials are selected from the best of “Reality” – worldwide quality standard
  • we are applying our methods of cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry (basing its success on adhesive dental systems of teeth attachment materials.) – teeth whitening ,bonding veneers all ceramic crowns and bridges
  • we are practicing the philosophy of newly popular Holistic medicine and dentistry – our motto is “Minimal intervention with maximum result!”;
  • we are determining causes of injures (dietology, prophylaxis, holistic way of life), we are not treating only its complications (surgery, fillings, crowns, bridges, prosthesis etc);
  • we do not work with amalgam (mercury fillings), no arsenic, we prefer using pure ceramic instead of metal ceramic;
  • we are rarely making prescriptions of antibiotics and other strong medicines
  • we keep full sterility; using high level autoclaves
  • we listen very carefully to our patients
  • we try our best to keep every tooth possible
  • we guarantee a consultation with specific dental specialist: orthodontics, implantology, dental surgeon, dental physiotherapist etc.
  • we offer affordable dental prices
  • painless and trauma free treatment
  • we secure comfortable and nice environment
  • we are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated dental team
  • we prepare individual dental care plans for every patient
  • we take into an account every individual psychology profile
  • we follow modern dentistry practice and apply its new methods in our work
  • we take into consideration Your work schedule
  • we perform full, complete dental treatment of Your family – ultrasound teeth calculus cleaning , tooth decay treatment by polymers; root treatment of nerves and canals; crowns and bridges made by metal ceramics ,prosthesis(whole or part)intra oral implant placement , producing bruxism braces or sports braces
  • we keep an eye on Your oral health by regular routine dental check ups and dispensary – keeping track of recovery processes
  • we use established dental laboratory
  • we teach you about oral hygiene – correct and regular usage of tooth brush and toothpaste, inter dental toothbrushes, flosses, oral hydro shower, mouth wash, chewing gums etc.
  • we give you tips about nutrition and common diseases prevention
  • we take care of your children at very early age, tips about pregnancy
  • we live up to your expectations about treatment outcome
  • we make intensive dental treatment if time is of essential matter
  • we have full confidentiality and respect for every patient
  • we attend post graduate training events for dentists so that we could improve our skills and learn new methods or treatment.