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To feel comfortable and avoid worries and save time in choosing dental services, We at “Vedra Dental” are ensuring you can receive full treatment, considered with Your needs and requirements. For this purpose we have established a team of dentists with required qualifications and professional experience.


Dr Kiril Zhelev

Dr Tzvetelina Gaydarova

Dr Antoniya Dobreva

Dr Trifon Kosev

Dr Krasimir Grozev

ORTODOTICS (Incl. Braces DAMON and transparent braces INVISALIGN)

Аssociate Pr. Miroslava Dinkova

Miroslava Dinkova graduated in Dentistry Department, Sofia in 1987. Since 1983 she has worked in Ortodontic office, Gabrovo. In 1986 receive “Orthopedic stomatology and ortodontics” qualification. Since 1987 she has been in Department of orthodontics, Gabrovo. In 1989 by winnig a contest is appointed as assistant at Department “Pediatric Dentistry”, MU, Sofia. In 1992 received qualification in “Pediatric Dentistry”. In 1993 won a contest and is appointed as assistant at Department “Orthodotics”, MU, Sofia. In 2005 defended her Masters degree in Health Management. Since 1993 practices in the private sector and since 2003 is Director of Dental Center “Orthodontics Center”. She is a member of Bulgarian Orthodontics Community since its foundation, also member of BNDA , EOS (European Orthodontics Association), WOS (World Orthodontics Association), vice-consul of BaSS . Miroslava Dinkova has participated in the following qualification courses: 1996, Feb., 12 –17 – АСТА, Orthodontics Faculty , Amsterdam, Netherlands, individual training 1996 – 1999 – “Straight wire”, practical course of typodonts, І, ІІ, ІІІ и ІV edition, Dentaurum Training Center, D-r Ol.Bacher 1997, Oct., 22-25 – “Long-term stability determinants in application of non-extraction orthodontics therapy”, Prof. Greenfield, italy 1998 – “Cutting Edge”, Post graduate training Center, Saint Louis University, USA 2001 – “Lingual orthodontics”, practical course of typodonts, D. Fillion, Istanbul 2003 – “Lingual orthodontics”, practical course of typodonts, D, Scuzzo, K. Takemoto, Moscow 2005 – ” Micro implants in orthodontics MIAO”, Dentos, practical course of typodonts, Hee-Moon Kyung, Izmir, Turkey 2006 – “Hands- on TOMAS pins typodont course”, Dentaurum Training Center, O. Baher 2007 – “Lingual orthodontics – STb technique “, practical course of typodonts, Scuzzo, Takemoto, Seoul, Korea 2009 – Invisalign, I level, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 2009 Scuzzo – Takemoto Bracket & Light Lingual System, G. Scuzzo, Sofia Bulgaria Teacher”s experience post graduate training; PGT lecture – application of micro implants in orthodontics ;PGT lecture- introduction in Lingual orthodontics ; Dental medicine faculty, Medical University Sofia, Students practices in ІV and V year , course – “Extra oral apparatus and Lip bumper” – assistant PGT, course – “Lingual arches. Passive and active application” – director PGT, course – Age orthodontics . Introduction in Lingual orthodontics – director PGT, lecture – Age orthodontics. Pre-prosthetic orthodontic training . PGT, lecture – Age orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment of patients with parodontic problems. Science interests: Age orthodontics, Lingual orthodontics, Aesthetic orthodontics

Dr. Vergil Boyanov

Dr. Boyanov graduated Dental medicine department in Sofia in 2002. He has a big background experience in aesthetic and surgery dentistry. He is also qualified in implantology and orthodontric treatment of children and adults. He is a member of BHU. His motto is«Careful treatment of children and adults!»

Dr. Irena Hasara

She graduated Dentistry Department – Medical University -Sofia in 1998. Qualification in Orthodontics in Paris – France in 2003. TV consultant on tv program “Здраве”(Health) on Bulgarian National Television, consultant on television reality show “Пълна промяна” (Extreme Makeover) on Nova TV

Professor Valentin Mutafchiev

Professor Valentin Mutafchiev is a orthodontics-specialist with over 35 years of experience. He has graduated Dental department – Medical University – Sofia and has qualified in France. He is a long-time Director of orthodontics faculty of Dental department – Sofia and president of Bulgarian Orthodontics community. Co-founder of the World Orthodontics Federation (WFO). Bulgarian representative in numerous international orthodontic structures, member of different professional and public organisations. Author of orthodontic educational book and over 80 science articles.

Dr Galina Nasteva-Dimova

1993 Subject – Orthodontics 1991 Private Sector 1990 – 2001. Teacher at Dental department in Sofia. Qualifications: Dentaurum – Germany, Saint Louis University – USA , Damon-system – Turkey. Member of the European and the World Orthodontic Association.

Oral Implantology

Dr. Kiril Kirilov

Dr. Kiril Georgiev Kirilov is a professional dentist – graduated Dental department of Medical Academy – Sofia in 1994. He started practicing his profession in 21st and 20th dental polyclinics in Sofia city from 1994 to 1997. Since 1997 till 2003 worked in private sector at 96 Vitosha blvd. and 29 Patriarch Evtimii blvd. He has practiced in dental replantation and implantology since 1997. In 2002 passed course in dental implantology -T.B.R.-implant system. In 2007 finished Master-course in Dental Implantology, Bone Agumentation and Membrane techniques with PITT-EASY and BICORTICAL implant systems including prosthetic solutions – CDE Training Center – Bremen-Germany. In 2008 finished MASTER-Course of Oral Implantology based on “Innovative solutions for implantologists” including Hands-on and live surgery at CDE-Training Center in Gauting, Munich – Germany.Representative of Sybron Implant Solutions in Bulgaria from 2007 till 2011г. Trainees of him work in Bulgaria and EU countries. He is a author of number of articles and publications in special editions for dentists. Author of monograph – “Dental Implantology and tissue orientated bone regeneration”. Founder of post graduate class of dental implantology (from 2007 till 2011). Member of The Bulgarian dental union, Member of UK Dental Union.

Dr Kiril Dinov

Dr Dinov graduated dentistry in MU – Sofia. He practices extensively in the oral implantology area, parodontalogy and occlusion. He graduated masters program of implantology of UCLA – Los Angeles, Californiа, under Dr. Sascha Jovanovic”s supervision. He has qualifications in aesthetic implantology at training center of Nobel Biocare in Yorba Linda, California. He has taken special training in bone and periphery-implant surgery and aesthetic dentistry at leading european clinics. He specialized in occlusion at The Dawson Academy – St. Petersburg, Florida. He is one of the few european experts, recommended by The Dawson Academy. He is a member of the board of directors of the Bulgarian implantology Club and active member of gIDE. He is the President of gIDE Bulgaria Study Club. He is also recipient of The Dawson Academy Award 2011. He conducts classes in biological aspect of implantology and basics of functional occlusion. Dr. Dinov is leading lecturer of Di Nova Clinics”s programs.He is heading a private practice in Sofia, orientated in full recovery of patients with deficits and occlusion problems.

Dr. Dimitrov

Dr. Dimitrov graduated at Dental Department – Sofia in 1999.He also graduated in “Oral surgery” at Medical University – Sofia in 2003. In 2004 graduated course “Implantology ” in Mainz, Germany. He works with the help of implant system developed by Branemark/Nobel Biocare, which is a standard for quality of dental teeth implants


Dr. Kiril Kirilov
Dr. Kiril Dinov


Аssociate professor Hodor Fakih

Qualifications: “Surgical Dentistry”, “Orthodontics” and “Maxillofacial surgery” 1992 – Ph.D 1994 – appointed as assistant at Dental Surgery Department and Maxillofacial surgery 1997 – appointed directly for head assistant of the same Department. From 1999 till 2001 is teacher of Maxillofacial surgery in Sofia University. From 2000 till 2006 is a leader of student classes at the same faculty. Since 2004 he has had lectures of dental surgery with third and fourth years university students at Dental Faculty -Sofia. Since 2005 till nowadays he continues to head PGT at Dental and Maxillofacial surgery at Dental and Maxillofacial surgery Faculty. He is in charge of polyclinical sector and PGT at Maxillofacial surgery Faculty – Sofia. Head of executive teams of orthodotic and reconstructive surgery at Dental Faculty – Sofia. Head of executive teams of injures and inflamed diseases of maxillofacial area. Science contribution: Author of 27 science articles and reports in Bulgaria and at international congresses, author of 3 science movies. He is a member of editors team of science book about oral and maxillofacial surgery published in 2006. Member also of editors team of book about general surgery. Co-author of two monographs. Member of The New York Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Dimitrov

Dr. Dimitrov graduated at Dental Faculty – Sofia in 1999. He graduated class of “Oral surgery” at Medical University -Sofia in 2003. In 2004 graduated class of “Implantology” in Mainz, Germany.


Ass. Professor Dr. Maria Semerdzhieva-Meinhard

She graduated Dental Faculty at Medical University – Sofia in 1961. Since 1970 she practices in Dental Allergology and Focal Pathology. In 1987 she defended a dissertation on topic “Treatment possibilities of active focal teeth infections”. She was also Chief doctor of a department “Dental Allergology” at Dental Faculty – Sofia from 1980 till 2000.