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Dental bonding (composite or photopolymeric veneer, made directly or indirectly with the help of dental laboratory, and also cosmetic corrections of front-teeth with photopolymeric/photo composite,composite) is an aesthetic procedure, which achieves natural restoration of teeth defects, related with shape distortions, color, in small number of visits at affordable prices. This method uses photo composites as construction device, and this can be achieved by one or two dental visits. In the first case, after preparing tooth surface, photopolymer is applied by layers and is office modeled by dentist and patients leave with final result. This treatment helps restoration of difficult problems: broken teeth or parts; gaps between teeth; incorrect shape – differences between size, shape; changed color; tooth decay; teeth injures resulted by unhealthy habits.

The secret of keeping dental items in place is truly bonding or adhesive – system that connects teeth and fillings. In the last decades, adhesive dentistry is quickly developing in this area. That is why permanent aesthetic results are visible after treatment. Adhesive (bonding material) is poured on teeth surface that is produced in advance (by etching – acid treatment of enamel and dentine, which makes teeth surfaces more rugged, which on other hand increases bonding ability of the surface) and is reacting chemically, afterwards with photopolymer. Then process of hardening takes place – material polymerization with photopolymeric lamp (ultra violet lightning), which happens in seconds.

The composite material is available in different “colors” and shades, allowing full individualization of each related teeth.

This method”s advantages opposed to indirect method are: number of dental visits and treatment costs. Disadvantages are: difficulties in manipulation and incomplete and permanent aesthetic effect.

In double visit methods teeth are prepared in order for silicone imprint to be taken in laboratory, and by it the bonding is modeled by analogical way, but in more suitable environment – dryness, manipulation, different point of views. At the following dental visit, these constructions are placed using bonding systems, consisting components of direct method – they are called resin concretes. This is more labour-consuming process.

Bonding treatment is an aesthetic procedure with not small durability – about 10-15 years, afterwards re-treatment is recommended. This is much shorter period than ceramic crowns and veneers, but more affordable also.