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Ceramic Veneers ​

Ceramic/porcelain veneers are the latest aesthetic mechanism of dental treatment, made entirely of biological compatible and naturally harmonizing with dental ceramics. Although the material in them, ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns (top) is the same, the veneers are different substantially from the others. What makes them unique is that they have thickness between 0,3 – 0,7 mm, while in other designs this thickness is between 1,5- 2 mm. That is why they are much delicate and uninvasive – preserve teeth; this attribute allows them to merge with natural teeth tissue – dentine, which makes them practically invisible restoration. In addition to that veneers are mostly cover externally visible surface, and this also preserve teeth from filing down. These veneers require high tooth decay resistance and perfect oral hygiene, because surfaces without coating are not recommended.

Veneers - Prices

Veneers (4 hours 30 mins, 3 sessions)550 лв. – 650 лв.
Composite Veneersfrom 340 лв.
Lumineersup to 650 лв
Porcelain Veneers550 лв. – 650 лв.

Removal of gaps between teeth with veneers

With these fine structures are achieved successfully results in removing gaps between the front teeth (due to incorrect positions, reduced tooth size or fractures), coloring (congenital or acquired in the time), individual preferences of damage corrections – unhealthy habits, incomplete and not aesthetic treatment and others. Exactly with these veneers it is possible aesthetic and modern quick treatment, corresponding to a truly beautiful smile and every patient”s image.

Veneers - production

Because of the fact that veneers cover only teeth enamel, ceramic veneers are made transperant, in order to imitate natural teeth color, created by accorded dentine shape. Other advantage is that they diminish with time in their edges to 0 mm, which makes them practically invisible after their bonding. This method is used in contact lenses, which are also invisible despite their obvious position. The second decisive factor is moisturising – as in eye treatments, construction is located in specific wet environment – in this case – saliva with its individual optic characteristics.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are extremely fragile, which is irrelevant because of their production. This ensures perfect fitting between surfaces – factor with huge relevance of durability.

Production of porcelain veneers is performed in usually two visits- in the first one teeth are calibristicly grinded to fixed pre determined depth and silicone imprint is taken; patients leave with temporary bonded copies of the future construction in natural teeth color. In dental laboratory, ceramic veneers are modely cast by brushes – one extremely delicate procedure. In the second visit test of accuracy and aesthetic are performed with the help of patients. And construction is placed by resin concrete. This concrete must be ceramic/porcelain colored and can only be, single, double photopolymeric(hardening by intensive lightning by lamp).

In cases where teeth have unsuitable color an opacity concrete is used, in order for unaesthetical problems under veneers to be covered.

Porcelain veneers are not applied in every case – that is why they are placed after thorough anamnesis by dentists about the condition and functionality of treated area – they are not suitable for some orthodontic problems – cross bite; unhealthy habits – nail biting, bruxism – teeth gritting

These high aesthetic constrictions have long lifespan – over 10-15 years and do not change its look.

Which makes them a suitable method of choice for missing front-teeth.