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Red aesthetics

This term is marking the influence of soft tissues on full natural look of teeth. It has three aspects: influence of soft tissues on teeth, influence of teeth on soft tissues and dental manipulations on soft tissues. In the first case a gum disease leads to change of gum color – red, blue; shape – swollen, fallen, cut– infected gums, hypertrophycal – increased and covering teeth, bleeding. If later on bones are infected – periodontisis – serious infections can occur and root surface is uncovered, which has yellow dark color in comparison with crown enamel, and is easily building up tooth decay, because it is rugged Gums are drastically pulled back and all this is affecting aesthetic look. There is cases of insufficient gum tissue around front-teeth or tongue and mouth hold backs – frenulums, and this leads to recession(uncovering of teeth) – plastic treatment is needed in such cases. Facing challenge is injures in front visible area, related to loss of bone tissue – in these cases, firstly, it is recommended for normal height of gum to be restored. In the second case dental problems are tooth decay, key shaped defects – infect the gums and it uncover itself, incorrect position, previous teeth loss – this leads also to serious loss of bone around extracted teeth. The third cause is result of low quality treatment – pointy/unfinished, rugged, unpolished, or gap having edges of filling, crowns and bridges. They must follow exactly the line of preserved teeth tissue, this is done for longer lasting aesthetic result. If not performed in such manner after – 1-2 years, there are constantly developing and worsening of problems with soft tissue, which damage the full harmony. That is why in filling treatments it must be worked in complete blood and saliva isolation, and usage of modern matrix system of lining, wedge/key, finishing and polishing systems. In treatments with dental crowns, it is recommended for use: correct silicone imprints, made by cords placement; retracted gums, threshold grinding and covering of this threshold under the gum. Also placement of ceramic threshold on the outside of crowns(metal ceramic) or usage of all ceramic veneers and crowns.
Without integration of white and red aesthetic as a whole unit, long lasting aesthetic result is bound to be a failure.