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Modern ceramic crowns are standard for dental treatment – here there is no difference from natural teeth, because there is a lack of metal frame. Many hollywood stars resort to these to enhance their smile. These crowns combine perfect aesthetic look with quality and durability. There are two basic methods of production of all ceramic crowns – layer type or extrusion. In the first case crowns are made by model cast imprint of, in addition with precise determining of lower jaw position (“bite”) – they are put by the help of brushes and are burned till perfect result. Their base is made of more durable ceramic, and in upper layers aesthetics is predominated. In the second method on this casted model a wax crown is placed, then the model is packed and burned. On След Керамична коронкаits place ceramics are placed and burned at the same time. After the crown is ready coloring shades are placed . – something like permanent paint. These ceramic/porcelain crown teeth are more durable than the first one, that is why they are suitable for back teeth or all ceramic aesthetic bridges with zircon or aluminium non-metal result. Here aesthetics are perfect, but in layer placed the result is most individualistic –that is why this is the chosen method for front visible area.

There are several clinic visits – at the first one support stumps are prepared and temporary plastic crowns are placed till next time Threshold grinding here is mandatory – circular step under or over gums. Imprint is taken immediately after this procedure or on Преди и след Керамична коронаthe second visit, when soft tissues are relaxed and well formed, in order for maximum accurate and informative for the dental specialist. At this stage is determined also color, shape and individual characteristics, as all these procedures are laboratory made. At the final stage, there is testing of of functionality and aesthetic, and the crown is bonded permanently with resin concrete, and teeth are prepared by acid etching.

These crowns solve all cases of damages in shape, color of teeth, especially the visible area of the smile (a really natural and harmonic full makeover) – mostly front 10 or 12 upper/lower teeth. They are very durable – minimum 15 years, as this period can be prolonged.