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Problems in aesthetics are result of: teeth problems, problems with red aesthetics and dental treatment mistakes
First one can be: changes in size, shape, location, surface, color, structure, and number of teeth. Changed shape, size or surface layer, are often cause of influence of primary teeth on the basic nucleus. And can also be a genetic anomaly – invaginations , micro or macrodontics, which are more general. Damage in the structure of enamel, dentine or the whole tooth, cause various levels of hypoplasia – problems in structure of hard tissues. These are mostly congenital, but can worsen by the help of unhealthy influence of teeth nucleus in stages of their initial creation. In result teeth have different levels of softness and are very easily damaged by influence of external factors.
Changes in location is determined by numerous factors: genetic(for example over bites, under bites), unhealthy habits (baby thumb sucking, openbite, tongue between teeth) – infantile swallowing; nasal breathing, which leads to cross bite), interrupted change of temporary with permanent teeth, medical effects, especially at fetus, suckling mother”s and early teen, stages – extracted teeth, hyperdontia. Teeth can be inlcined, rotated, with gaps, too close to each (for example when place is lacking or strong rupture of wisdom teeth).