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Dental prophylactic system

Patient”s supervision, mouth or even only one tooth, in a specific period of time is called dental prophylactic system. Such process is keeping track of granuloma treatment. The process of prophylaxis consists of regular check-ups after determined period of time (3,6 or more months), x-ray scan (which is compared to the last one), treated placed is inspected by dentists, accurate questions are asked, percussion and palpation of teeth.

All prosthesis and obturation constructions are being dispensarised, as number of check ups is proportional of the difficulty of the treatment. Problems with overall patient”s condition, periodontal injures – are also under dispensarisation.

Truly important is supervision of eating habits of patients, which perfectly combines with the so called prophylactic check-ups which are known to everybody. Very wrong thinking is “I wiil go to the dentist if it hurts!”, because this leads to discovering injures in their late stages, therefore more serious treatment. Health problems in the mouth are not always manifested with pain as a lot of people suggest. These check-ups are not meaningless, they are product of many years of experience.

Similarly are supervised: vitality of suspected to be killed teeth (or for example after direct pulp coating, when nerves can self destruct despite of full treatment – tissue in that place could not cope with the infection because of many reasons). White and brown caries spots – following, but not every time, caries related issues. treatments of periodontal lesions (preventing the loss bone in parodontal bone pockets) etc.