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Dental plaque

Treatment of periodontical diseases is difficult and can lasts long periods of time, therefore an active cooperation by patients is needed. Early identifying leads to faster and easier treatment.

Treatment of dental plaque and gums - Gingivitis

Gum infections (gingivitis) are the early stages of periodontical diseases. They consist of plaque build ups on tooth cervix, gum bleeding, swellings, change of color. This treatment is associated with improving of personal oral hygiene – learning of self-cleaning of visible plaque and nutrition habits, by motivating patients. And when disease is in chronification state – in combination with more serious build ups coatings occur. Standard cleaning of dental plaque is performed by ultrasound device. This procedure is painless if the plaque is not inserted the gums. These cases require special anesthesia, in order for cleaning to be done smoothly. The next step is finishing and polishing the teeth with special rubbers, brushes, which ensures the slowing down of the process of occurring of dental plaque. Patients are inspected regularly by check ups.

Treatments of gum pockets

Dealing with infected gum pockets requires curettage (cleaning) of inside walls of the pocket, but deeper and infected gum pockets require their removal by operation, in order for the food particles to be self cleaned by saliva and tooth brush. This procedure is called gingivectomy, followed by gingiveplastic for adjusting gum edges.
Periodontical disease (common infectious disease).