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This is a relatively new branch of modern surgery, which completely changes the shape of a dental treatment plan. Tooth implants are placed on toothless areas and imitate natural roots. Nowadays dentists use Endosteal implants treatment can be done at the moment or by two stages. In the first method on the implant is placed stump for the following crown, but in the second method a metal cap protector is placed on the implant and it is being sewed up, covered in мucous membrane, afterwards superstructure is put.

The only difference is that all implants/dentures do not build up periodont around them, i. e a tooth root is always more suitable than a artificial one, but work practice shows that modern implants fit the profile perfectly. The reason for this is the implants”macro and micro-surface, they are screwed on а thread or have openings towards the bone on the surface. This helps the osseointegration. Plus they are made of titanium and ceramic, materials that are specially treated in order to achieve micro mechanical retentions.

That is why in situations of single missing tooth it is not required grinding of ridges and damaging surrounding teeth, because the implant is placed directly between them, afterwards the crown is put in place. In case of missing all molar teeth an implant can be put and on top of it a bridge could be placed, instead of prostheses, which can be used without supervision of implanttologist. In case of a whole dental prosthesis not resting perfectly in the mouth, implants are placed to relieve patients. The most drastic change for patients is switching from full teeth loss to two dental bridges, placed on implants on both jaws.

Usually placement of superstructers and crowns, bridges or prosthesis, on dental implants, happens after six months. In this period temporary aesthetic constructions are worn. When the dentists is sure that enough durable support bone is present and patient has no para functions, it is possible for а direct implant load to take place, and then complete the procedure.

Conventional surgery

This kind of surgery consists of extraction of teeth and roots, including wisdom teeth, incision abscess, dental circumcision of difficult treatment of wisdom teeth. It is also of vital importance to treatments of soft and hard tissues of teeth before prosthesis or after orthodontic treatment.

Conservative surgery

In this case the goal is teeth to be preserved. It includes.

Apical osteotomy

Treatment of cysts and granulomas, painless, together with the top of the root trough the gum. And the remaining hole is possible to be filled with bone or bone imitating material.

Hemisection dental surgery

Extraction of one or both roots of lower molar tooth. Or one or two of the tree roots of upper molar tooth.


The process of splitting of the two roots of a lower molar tooth, which results in creating two pre molars.

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