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We at Twenty-four-hours Holistic Dental Clinic Vedra Dental make sure to secure dental help 365 days in the year. This includes every national holidays and weekends, and night shift dentists on duty. Saturdays and Sundays have regular work schedule as in the week, with separate place with dentist on duty who responds to every tooth pain, tooth decay, pulpit, granuloma, wisdom tooth pain, gum and periodontal pain, maxillofacial injures, swellings, abscess, fallen fillings, broken teeth, extracted or damaged teeth, broken or missing crowns or veneers, broken or missing bridges, broken prosthesis, aesthetical situations, eating difficulties, discomfort, worsened speaking, bleeding, temporomandibular joint disorders, all infection processes in mouth maxillofacial area, and many other problems.

We know how uncomfortable, full of stress, and sometimes frightening, these situations can be for patients. That is why we take into account phychological aspect of every patient and perform careful early approach, in order for patients to feel comfortable, because causing phychological traumas can lead to following treatment issues in the future. Our motto is: “If you come with pain, You will be treated painlessly, and will leave pain free.” and another: “Minimal intervention for maximum result!”. These thought come from our holistic methods, diagnosis and treatment.That is why teeth extractions happen rarely, as we strive to ease infections and other processes by conservative and teeth keeping methods.

After emergency manipulations we usually appoint full check ups and supervise following recovery, in order to prevent another injures.

We are equipped with different diagnostic devices such as: apex locator (precisely measures distances of root canals), EOD device (helps inspect the level of damage in teeth), DIGITAL X-RAY – irreplaceable item, used in invisible for us areas, especially for emergencies etc.

Besides our wide range of dental drills, all with lightning, we use 24h dental Laser physiotherapy, sterilisation (root canals) and performing quick, bleeding free, painless teeth tissue cuttings

Lastly, we made sure that the whole atmosphere that You come across, is comfortable and full of light colors, which includes our teams and the interior design of the clinic itself; lack of any dental smells, and relaxing and smooth music in every room. We even want our website to be able to affect you in a relaxing and trustworthy manner. Our authentic information and full transparency.