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Full check-up

All dental treatments are based on gathering information about patient”s oral system and check up which combines an external one(extra oral body and facial status, muscles and joints) and check up of oral cavity(intra oral teeth status, gums, palate, tongue, bones, joints etc.). Additionally we perform vital paraclinical tests – X-ray, teeth vitality, apex location, micro biological tests, blood tests etc

Full check ups result in a valid diagnosis which leads to correct treatment plan. Every final diagnosis is followed by differential ones which confirm the first one. That way it is easy to plan a treatment schedule, suitable for every patient. It is possible to have number of treatment but only the best one is selected, taking in consideration patients resources (time, financial resources, individual preferences).

Check ups include:

  • Anamneza 
    • General condition questions (common diseases)
    • nutrition and personal oral hygiene questions
    • family anamneza
    • patient”s problems
    • local status questions
      • pain
      • disrupted functionality
      • bleeding
      • swellings
      • teeth loss
      • treatments
      • complications
      • aesthetical problems etc.
  • Inspection
  • external – body, head, face (mimic and digestive muscles, temporomandibular joints – TMJ, Lymphatic vessels, nose and sinuses, lips and teeth ratio.)
  • internal – visible part of smile, gums, teeth, tongue, palate, cheeks, throat, extracted teeth places, finished treatment.
  • Paraclinical treatment
    • x-ray diagnosis
    • EOD
    • allergy treatment
    • focal diagnosis(focal infections)
    • pathogalvanism (potential corrosion)
    • micro biological test
    • blood test  
  • Final and differential diagnosis 
  • Treatment plan 
  • Treatment cost – suitable for patient. 
  • Scheduling follow up check ups in 3,6,12 months.